Name of Faculty & Designation
Year of Award
Grant Sanctioned
Name of Faculty & Designation
Title of GATE Project
Year of Award
Grant Sanctioned
Dr. Priscilla Johnson Professor, Dept. of PhysiologyChronic obstructive pulmonary disease in biomass fuel users in Tamil Nadu2006Rs. 1,00,000
Dr. Satish Srinivas Associate Professor, Department of RadiotherapyA pilot study for the assessment of collagen sheet dressing in treating the radiation dermatitis wounds of breast cancer patients undergoing radiation2013Rs. 1,00,000
R.Anitha Senior Asst.Professor , Dept. of SLHSEfficacy of swallow exercises in preserving the swallow functions during chemoradiotherapy for head and neck cancer patients2013Rs. 90,000
Mrs.S.Deepa Lecturer, Faculty of PharmacyIsolation, characterization and in silico molecular docking studies of active constituents from marine algae and evaluation of its pharmacological activity2013Rs. 90,000
Dr. Padma Srikanth Professor, Dept. of MicrobiologyBio-aerosol characterization in health care settings – applications forepidemiological investigations of nosocomial infections.2006Rs. 1,00,000
Ms.M.Malarvizhi Lecturer, Faculty of NursingA study to determine the effectiveness of Proactive integrated approach on knowledge, attitude and self-efficacy, pulmonary profiling and Quality of life (QOL) among patients with bronchial asthma2013Rs. 90,000
Mrs.T.Sheela Rani Lecturer, Faculty of PharmacyInvestigation of Cytotoxic assessment and determination of role of Pro-inflammatory cytokines, iNOS, COX 2 of Myxopyrum serratulum A.W.HILL (Plant extract) using RAW 264.7 cells macrophages2013Rs. 80,000
Dr. Ramya Professor, Dept. of General SurgeryEvaluation of the role of interleukins in acute pancreatitis2007Rs. 1,00,000
Dr.M.S.Latha Sr.Resident, Division of Pediatric Hemato Oncology, Dept.of PediatricsThe prognostic significance of three fusion oncogenes in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia2013Rs. 90,000
Mr.Suresh Kumar.M Asst.Professor, Clinical PsychologyNeuropsychological profile of children with specific learning disability comparing with the normal children2013Rs. 70,000
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